Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Sensor shield for Arduino

Because i want to connect multiple sensors and servo motors to an Arduino, i make myself a shield that allow me to do that.
This shield board plugs on top of an Arduino and makes it easy to connect to all the digital and analog inputs and outputs.
This shield is compatible with:
-analog and digital sensors,
-servo motors,
-serial displays,
-ultrasonic sensors,
-serial bluetooth modules,
-i2c sensors and module,
-GPS receiver,
-growe modules,
-buttons, potentiometers, ...

Parts list:
homemade pcb,
2 pcs. 6 pin stackable connectors,
2 pcs. 8 pin stackable connectors,
12 pcs. 4 pin pinhead connectors,
8 pcs. 3 pin pinhead connectors,
20 pcs. 100nF smd ceramic caps (optional, not required to place all)

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