Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Arduino compatible Attiny85 USB Stick

This board is compatible with Digispark and Trinket version of arduino software
For this I upload micronucleus tiny85 bootloader using an usbasp programmer before I soldered attiny cip on the board.For connecting and programming see:
For uploading bootloader you can use arduino as programmer.

Parts list:
Attiny85 microcontroller,
2 pcs 3.6v zenner diode,
2 pcs 27 ohm resistors,
1.2 k ohm resistor,
2 pcs 100nF capacitors,
1 low dropout schottky diode,
2 pcs 6 pin female connector,
USB a male connector.

All pins can be used as Digital I/O
Pin 0 → I2C SDA, PWM
Pin 1 → PWM
Pin 2 → I2C SCK, Analog
Pin 3 → Analog In (also used for USB)
Pin 4 → PWM, Analog (also used for USB)
Pin 5 → Analog In ( if reset is disabled)

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